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    Az oldal fejlesztés alatt! Az esetleges hibákért megértésüket köszönjük. - 2017-03-14
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    Legújabb termékek
    SOUND STORM - Vertigo (Limited edition DIGI CD) (2017)
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Power Metal, Limited edition DIGI pack CD kiadvány, 2017.
    Megjelenés: április 7.

    "Vertigo" is the long awaited 3rd album by Italian symphonic power metal band Sound Storm. "Vertigo" is a huge step forward in the band's musical style because more influences came along with the songwriting and the visual creations. The electronic and symphonic scores lead the listener to the catchiest tunes and the most epic chorus ever, while the extreme metal riffs and the sweetest melodies have never been combined together so well in the band's career.

    Felállás :
    Valerio Sbriglione (guitars), Massimiliano Flak (bass - Highlord), Alessandro Bissa (drums - A Perfect Day, Scream, Tommy Vitaly, ex-Silent Victory, ex-Athlantis, ex-Labÿrinth, ex-Mastercastle, ex-Vision Divine, ex-Bad Faith), Rocco Mirarchi (guitars), Elena Crolle (keyboards - MaterDea, ex-Aevum (live), Fabio Privitera (vocals - Aeternal Seprium, ex-Bejelit, ex-Mirrormaze (live)

    YouTube video :
    THE DRAGONFLY (official music video):

    Felvételek :
    1. Vertigo
    2. The Dragonfly
    3. Metamorphosis
    4. Forsaken
    5. Original Sin
    6. The Ocean
    7. Spiral
    8. Gemini
    9. Alice
    10. The Last Breath
    (Barcode: 8051128620078)
    SOULS OF DIOTIMA - The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis (2017)
    Progressive Metal, Power Metal, 2017-es album.

    SOULS OF DIOTIMA is a female-fronted metal band with a unique style featuring recognizable elements of progressive and symphonic metal, as well as unconventional elements, combined together in a powerfully expressive new way. "The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis" is a 20 track ambitious concept album concerning the legendary story of Atlantis, going back in time more than 10,000 years ago with all its characters and their stories in a series of epic events.

    The album defines a musical genre and contains elements of the band's signature style but also includes some surprises, striving to reach new heights, trying to entertain the listeners creating visual images, memorable mental scenes that are almost tangible just like watching a movie.

    Felállás :
    Claudia Barsi (lead vocals)
    Gianmaria Puledda (guitars)
    Antonio Fiori (guitar)
    Antonio Doro (bass & vocals)
    Giorgio Pinna (drums)

    YouTube video :
    OUR ATLANTIS (official music video):

    Felvételek :
    1. The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis (Interlude) 1:26
    2. The Land Of The Wind 8:01
    3. Stories, Songs And Celebrations 5:53
    4. Divine Love (Interlude) 1:17
    5. Divine Love 5:35
    6. Fate And Destiny (Interlude) 1:35
    7. Fate And Destiny 4:48
    8. Gold And New Horizons (Interlude) 1:24
    9. Gold And New Horizons 5:18
    10. The Battle Of Giants (Interlude) 0:33
    11. The Battle Of Giants 6:46
    12. Tears Of Fury (Interlude) 1:23
    13. Tears Of Fury 4:42
    14. Zeus Unleashed (Interlude) 2:05
    15. Zeus Unleashed 5:49
    16. Atlas Condemned (Interlude) 0:15
    17. Atlas Condemned 4:50
    18. Our Atlantis (Interlude) 0:28
    19. Our Atlantis 6:20
    20. The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis (Prologue) 1:43
    (Barcode: 8051128620030)
    NIGHTLAND - In Solemn Rise (2017)
    Death Metal, Folk Metal, Power Metal, Limited edition MCD kiadvány, 2017.

    Nightland 2nd EP (before OBSESSION full-length), now reissue in Jewel Case CD.

    Felvételek :
    1. In Solemn Rise 04:14
    2. Soulprison Of Pain 04:58
    3. Diamond Siren 03:40
    4. Knights Of The Dark Empire 05:08
    5. Nightland 03:59.
    NIGHTLAND - Obsession (DeLuxe edition DIGI CD) (2017)
    Symphonic / Melodic Death Metal, Limited DeLuxe edition 6 paneles DIGI pack CD kiadvány, 2017.
    Megjelenés: április 7.

    ROCKSHOTS Music and NIGHTLAND are proud to announce the release of their first full length album called "OBSESSION". It sounds dark, dramatic, sometimes unearthly with majestic musical digressions. The musical concept behind "OBSESSION" is a deep romance concerning the instability of the human mind derived from fears, obsessions and paranoia.

    The album has been recorded by Brendan Paolini, mixed and mastered by Si mone Mularoni at Domination Studios. "OBSESSION” represents a new beginning for the band, and it's a new big challenge because the quartet changed their sound: the folk/power elements of their previous EP "In Solemn Rise" have been abandoned and now their songwriting is full of aggressive riffs and grandiose orchestrations inspired by Symphonic / Melodic Death Metal.

    Felvételek :
    01. Benediction To Madness
    02. Dreamless Life
    03. A.R.E.S.
    04. Icarus
    05. Alpha Et Omega
    06. Cradle Of Sufferance
    07. Obsession
    08. Quod Vita Celat, Mors Revelat
    09. Last Dance Of A Treacherous Mind
    10. Icarus (Orchestral)
    11. A.R.E.S. (Orchestral)
    (Barcode: 8051128620092)
    FURZE - Baphomet Wade (2016)
    Black Metal, Experimental, Doom Metal, 2015-ös album. Limited edition CD kiadvány, 2016.

    FURZE's 6th album - "BAPHOMET WADE". This album sees FURZE return to the use of less untraditional instruments and using vocals on each song again. Yet the percussion side is further deepened out. Furze is as usual never background music.

    Felvételek :
    1. Sathanas Is Here... 05:54
    2. Goat Cyclus 05:13
    3. One Night Before The Other 04:41
    4. In A Bucket Of Blood 06:02
    5. R.O.D. 05:03
    6. A Blacksmith For The Souls Of Metal 04:22
    7. Flight Of The Battish Cauldron 05:07
    8. Sacrifice 03:50
    (Barcode: 7041889503193)
    GRAVELAND - Epilogue (2016)
    Black Metal, 2015. Limited edition CD újra kiadás verzió, 2016.

    When you look back at the history of the black metal scene, especially the Polish One, there are not many bands that have withstood the test of time when it comes to the music they made and what they represented back then. Many groups have lost the specific sound and originality, they have simply joined the mainstream.

    One of the bands that said a loud "NO!" to such order of things, is Graveland. Graveland was brought to life in 1992 by Rob Darken. The main musical inspiration was the 1980's black metal of Venom and Bathory. The first two demos issued in 1992 were necromaneion and drunemeton. Both materials were recorded in rather mi-tempos when compared to the rest of the black metal scene.

    They were full of dark depth and that was typical of old doom stuff. Despite that, both demos were closer to the emerging black metal scene because of teh typical vocal style, guitar solitude and the presence of gloomy keyboard lines.

    At that time, Darken was responsible for the whole Graveland material, playing and writing everything recorded.

    Felvételek :
    1. Intro
    2. The Eyes Of Balor
    3. Shadows Of Doom
    4. The Forest Nemeton - Part 2.
    5. Children Of Moon
    6. Outro
    (Barcode: 5905279205154)
    FATES WARNING - Night On Bröcken (1984) (Limited edition LP, 2016)
    Prog Rock/Metal, Heavy Metal, 1984-es album. Limited edition bakelit lemez LP kiadvány, 2016.

    Felállás : Joe DiBiase (bass), Steve Zimmerman (drums), Jim Matheos (guitar), Victor Arduini (guitar), John Arch (vocals)

    Felvételek :
    A1. Buried Alive 4:40
    A2. The Calling 5:04
    A3. Kiss Of Death 4:38
    A4. Night On Bröcken 5:30
    B1. S.E.K. 1:20
    B2. Misfit 5:06
    B3. Shadowfax 3:16
    B4. Damnation 6:27
    B5. Soldier Boy 6:25
    (Barcode: 0039841405316)
    FATES WARNING - Awaken The Guardian (1986) (Limited edition LP, 2016)
    Prog Rock, Heavy Metal, 1986-os album. Limited edition bakelit lemez LP újra kiadás verzió, 2016.

    Recorded at Stagg Street Studios & Preferred Sound Sep - Oct 1986. Last album to feature John Arch on vocals. Track B3 is an instrumental.

    Felvételek :
    A1. The Sorceress 5:43
    A2. Valley Of The Dolls 5:23
    A3. Fata Morgana 5:25
    A4. Guardian 7:33
    B1. Prelude To Ruin 7:23
    B2. Giant's Lore (Heart Of Winter) 6:00
    B3. Time Long Past 1:51
    B4. Exodus 8:36
    (Barcode: 0039841404616)
    CONFUSIONAL QUARTET - In The Box (3LP) (2016)
    Electronic, Rock, New Wave, Limited edition 3LP kiadvány, kiadatlan anyagok az 1980-1981 időszakból, 2016.

    Triple LP release of Confusional Quartets releases from 1980-1981 and unreleased material. Confusional Quartet is one of the most recognized Italian bands in the so-called New Wave era, a period ranging from the late seventies to the mid-eighties.

    Felvételek :
    LP 1 :
    Side A: A1. Orinoco Blues, A2. Paranoia, A3. Flash A4. XXXXXX?, A5. Trallá Papppá, A6. Bologna Rock
    Side B :
    B1. Pensione Elastica, B2. Guerra In Africa, B3. Nedbo Zip, B4. Beguine Sulla Luna, B5. Volare, B6. Swing - Voulez Vous De La Canne A Sucre

    LP 2 :
    Side A :
    A1. Dlin Dlon Cow-Boy, A2. Samba Paperino, A3. Plastic City Dinamic, A4. Cinzano, A5. Pubblicitá Documentario
    Side B :
    B1-6. Sigla 1,2,3,4,5,6

    LP 3 :
    Side A :
    A1. Pronipoti, A2. Pubblicitá, A3. Audace, A4 ???, A5. RIFFS
    Side B :
    B1. Bimbo infelix, B2. Fenicotteri, B3. Inno d'Italia
    (Barcode: 8033706210642)
    BRADIPOS FOUR, THE - The Parteno-Phonic Sound of the Bradipos Four (LP+CD) (2016)
    Surf-Rock, Limited edition bakelit lemez LP+CD kiadvány, 2016-os album.

    We are pleased to announce the release of a new album by The Bradipos Four. With their almost twenty years of experience the Bradipos can be considered as one of the best Surf-Rock combos on the European scene.The new album titled "The Partheno-Phonic Sound of Bradipos Four" consists of a great collection of Surf arrangements of classic songs coming from the Neapolitan music tradition. It's amazing to discover how those old traditional melodies fit perfectly the Surf-Rock atmospheres. In fact the result is a whole mix of different traditions which have developed from various cultural crossings between USA, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Known for their intense Live activity, the band's upcoming schedule includes tours in California (Summer 2016), Holland and Spain (September 2016).

    Felvételek :
    1. Catena
    2. Amaro É 'O Bbene
    3. A Fata D' 'E Suonne
    4. Segretamente
    5. Manella Mia
    6. Scétate
    7. Sciummo
    8. Palummella Zompa E Vola
    (Barcode: 8033706217733)

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    JOURNEY - The Big Wheel In The Sky (The Comiskey Park Broadcast 1979) (Limited edition 2LP, 2017)
    MOTÖRHEAD - Motorizer (2008) (re-release, 2017) (LP)
    ARCH ENEMY - As The Stages Burn! (2017) (2LP+DVD)
    GRATEFUL DEAD - Cambodian Refugee Benefit (Live FM Radio KSAN 1980) (2LP, 2017)
    HOOK, PETER & THE LIGHT - Movement Tour 2013 - Live in Dublin vol.1 (Limited edition BLUE LP, 2017)
    HOOK, PETER & THE LIGHT - Movement Tour 2013 - Live in Dublin vol.2 (Limited edition WHITE LP, 2017)
    JOURNEY - The Big Wheel In The Sky (The Comiskey Park Broadcast 1979) (Limited edition 2LP, 2017)