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    - 2017-03-27
    Üdvözöljük honlapunkon!
    CD-t, DVD-t, eredeti import pólót, pulóvert a legjobb áron vásároljon direkt nálunk, a Magyarországi forgalmazónál!
    Ritkaságok, speciális akciók, csak az albamusic.hu oldalon!
    Regisztráljon és kérje aktuális listáinkat, hírleveleinket a gabor@albamusic.hu e-mail címen!

    Legújabb termékek
    LA BOTTEGA DEL TEMPO A VAPORE - Viaggi InVersi (2018)
    Prog Rock/Metal, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.
    Kiemelten ajánlott minden: Dream Theater, Angra és Banco del Mutuo Soccorso rajongónak!

    2nd album from the talented Rock prog metal band. La Bottega del Tempo a Vapore is the link among 6 different experiences. This strong link is based on a wish to play stories, full of past, music, writing which are the main veins of the Progressive rock.

    The kind of music is not a random choice. In fact, in last years, music has become simple in order to gain as many as followers all around the world. We try to go upside down this line, where music, rhythm, and riffs are very articulated to let the listener live inside the story events and to see what we want to share.

    YouTube video :
    URLA E PERDOMI (official lyric video):

    Felvételek :
    1. Flashback 1:58
    2. Goccia di Tenebra 4:31
    3. Urla e Perdomi 4.57
    4. Tempo Inverso Pt1-Il Viaggio 5:27
    5. Tempo Inverso Pt2-La lettera 5:11
    6. Dama di Spade 25:06
    7. Mestieri 5:18
    (Barcode: 3615930864515)
    DITE - The Hollow Connection (2018)
    Rock, Alternative, Prog, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.

    A wide and complete rock listening experience for fans of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson. Featuring national renowned musicians like Giorgia Canton and Gigi Magnozzi (Tuamadre). Three years of hard work, unconditional love and dedication.

    DITE is an Italian band formed in 2014 and based in Belluno, a small city surrounded by the breath-taking landscapes of the Dolomites. As an unusual project within the rock genre, its compositions are the result of several and different influences brought into the project by each member: a tight and solid classic rock foundation develops into a wide range of musical styles like progressive and pop, sometimes touching heavier tendencies.

    YouTube video :
    IN PILLS (official video):

    Felvételek :
    1. In Pills
    2. Leap of Faith
    3. Fill this Page
    4. If So
    7. God's Bowl
    8. About Chance
    9. Scars of Light
    10. Venus
    (Barcode: 8016670132486)
    SCOTTO, PINO - Eye For An Eye (DIGI CD) (2018)
    Igazi Hard Rock, DIGI pack CD kiadvány, 2018.

    Pino Scotto is a genuine legend in Italian Rock Panorama. All songs written in English, prestigious DIGI pack CD release. Pino Scotto is, without a doubt, the most important Italian rock icon.

    Gritty and charismatic singer, strongly influenced by blues and gifted with a deep and raspy voice, Pino Scotto is the best embodiment of the rocker ever appeared in Italy. His career starts officially at the end of the 1970s. "Eye for an Eye" is Pino's brand new studio album with many 1970/1980 nuances. Strong, honest and pure rock!

    YouTube video :
    EYE FOR AN EYE (official video teaser):

    Felvételek :
    1. Eye For An Eye
    2. The One
    3. One Against The Other
    4. Two Guns
    5. Cage Of Mind
    6. Crashing Tonight
    7. Angel Of Mercy
    8. Looking For The Way
    9. Wise Man Tale
    10. There's Only One Way To Rock (Sammy Hagar cover)
    11. One Way Out (Sonny Boy Williamson cover)
    (Barcode: 8016670132479)
    ABRIN - Hell On Earth (2018)
    Heavy/Thrash Metal, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.

    Collaborations on "Hell On Earth" include Andrey Smirnov (U.D.O.), Andrey Ischenko (Arkona) Russian rock musicians. "Hell On Earth" album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Moscow by well-known in Russian heavy music world Evgeniy Vinogradov which guarantees an absolute powerful sound on album.

    YouTube video :
    HELL ON EARTH (official audio):
    HEAVY METAL (official audio):

    Felvételek :
    01. Hell On Earth
    02. Prisoners Of The Abyss
    03. A Monster In Disguise
    04. Slavery
    05. Looking All Around
    06. Deception
    07. The Willpower
    08. The Last Turn
    09. 1939
    10. Heavy Metal
    (Barcode: 8033712043968)
    KINETIK - Critical Fallout (2018)
    Thrash Metal, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.

    Kinetik's thrash metal project kicked off in September 2011 and the line up hit the Italian road in November of the same year. All the five members, who met under the flagship of thrash metal, come from other bands of the metal underground scene of Florence (Italy).

    Even sharing a common musical baggage the members influence the band sound with diverse metal flavours, spanning from the Teutonic thrash (Kreator, Destruction) to the bay area one (Testament, Megadeth, Overkill), without the intention to stick to any style fingerprint but rather to deliver fresh energy.

    In 2013, after one year and half together and some gigs the band has released "Greed" their first 4 tracks EP. The entire production, from recording to mastering, is fully self-made by the guitarists Fabio and Massimo at "Centro Giovani GAV" studio...

    Felvételek :
    01. Out Of The Shelter
    02. Blood For Money
    03. Dystopia
    04. Greed
    05. Revenge
    06. Abyss Of Humanity
    07. Face Your Dark Side
    08. Conspiracy Theory
    09. Warped
    10. Fallout
    11. Eymerich
    (Barcode: 8033712043999)
    HOME STYLE SURGERY - Trauma Gallery (2018)
    Thrash Metal, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.

    Home Style Surgery is a thrash metal band from Finnish Lapland formed in 2008 when members were barely teenagers. Their blend of thrash metal is a mixture of complex riff-driven song structures and progressive metal influences.

    After almost ten years of activity and several demo releases Home Style Surgery is finally releasing their debut album titled "Trauma Gallery" which could be recommended for fans of Coroner, Dark Angel and Stone.

    YouTube video :
    AUTOMOSOPHOBIA (official album track):
    THE RED RIPPER CASE (lyric video):

    Felvételek :
    01. Explore the Dimensions
    02. Atomosophobia
    03. Sachiko Ever After
    04. The Red Ripper Case
    05. Beware the Lurkers
    06. Haunted Mindscape
    07. Verge of Confrontation
    08. Trauma Gallery
    (Barcode: 8033712043135)
    GRIND ZERO - Concealed in the Shadow (2018)
    Death Metal, Grind, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.

    Grind Zero was born in late 2011, when long-time friends Alex and Udo decided to start a new project playing music they with old-school attitude. Their 1st album "Mass Distraction" was finalized at Red Pigeon Studios and released on the 14th of July 2014. In April 2015 Alessandro Durini has been replaced by Matteo Amighetti on the drums.

    In 2016 band took part to the 6th edition Hellbrigade Festival supporting Incantation and Dead Congregation. Mastered by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Star One, Bloodbath, Katatonia, Novembre, Edge of Sanity). Support live show to the following bands: Entombed, Possessed, Malignant Tumor, Incantation, Cripple Bastards, Dead Congregation and Merciless.

    YouTube video :
    MASTER'S PLEASURE (official video):

    Felvételek :
    01. Soul Collected
    02. Corrosion
    03. See You In Hell
    04. Master's Pleasure
    05. Sodomizing The Sun
    06. A Shadow
    07. Lost Shrine
    08. Buried Deception
    09. The Horde
    10. Cursed Be My Path
    (Barcode: 8033712044002)
    FORGED IN BLOOD - Forged in Blood (2018)
    Heavy/Speed Metal, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.

    Recorded at Elnor Studio by Mat Stancioiu (Drakkar, Longobardeath, Highlord and ex-Labÿrinth, Vision Divine). Band shared stage with bands such a Vicious Rumors, Extrema, IN.SI.DIA., Ancillotti, Evil Invaders, Striker, Night Demon and Injury.

    Forged in Blood is a heavy metal band from Milan, Italy, formed in March 2008 by two former members of Toxic Youth (r.i.p 1990/2007), a big name in northern Italy hardcore scene.

    YouTube video :
    FORGED IN BLOOD (official audio):

    Felvételek :
    01. Rebellion, My Name
    02. For The Unborn
    03. Game Is On
    04. Never Pay To Play
    05. A Taste Of Heaven
    06. Fine Dark Line
    07. Black Renegade
    08. Aylan's Eyes
    09. It's On The Blade
    10. Holy Water
    11. Catharsis
    (Barcode: 8033712043982)
    NEREIDE - Nereide (MCD) (2018)
    Post-Metal, Progressive, Alternative, Mathcore, Dark Ambient, DIGI pack MCD mini-album kiadvány, 2018.
    Kiemelten ajánlott minden: RUSSIAN CIRCLE, ISIS és TOOL rajongónak.

    YouTube video :
    POLARS (official audio):

    Felvételek :
    1. MINDFUL
    2. THE WAVE
    3. SURMISE
    4. POLARS
    (Barcode: 8033622536642)
    MUON - Gobi Domog (Limited edition LP) (2018)
    Doom Metal, Limited edition bakelit lemez LP kiadvány, 2018-as album.
    Kiemelten ajánlott minden: OM, SLEEP, CATHEDRAL és MONOLORD rajongónak!

    MUON's core purpose is to generate dreamlike visions, apocalyptic premonitions and hermetic revelations through riff doctrine, frequency manipulation, volume barrage, and ritual litanies for the worship of Our Lord Gobi and the contemplation of the Fungus.

    YouTube video :
    NEVER BORN (official video):

    Felvételek :
    (Barcode: 8033622536659)

    Tudnivalók a bakelit típusairól

    Minden valamire való zenerajongó tudja, hogy a bakelit egy külön típusát képezi a zenehordozóknak. Bakeliten zenét hallgatni ma már egyszerre jelent nosztalgiát, megszállottságot és a kifinomult ízlést, ám kevesen tudnak részletes információkat a bakelit lemezekrõl.
    • A First Pressing egy album elsõ kiadását jelenti, ami a többi késõbbi kiadáshoz képest különbözõ extrákkal van felturbózva, például füzetek, képeslapok, borítók formájában.
    • A DMM, vagyis Direct Metal Mastering a hagyományostól eltérõ technikával készült lemez, aminek ezáltal jobb lesz a hangzása és lejátszás közben is kevésbé zajosan szól.
    • A Test Pressing a próbanyomatokat jelenti, ezekbõl csupán 5-10 darab készül és nem is kerülnek hivatalosan forgalomba, mert csak arra szolgálnak, hogy a vágást, keverést és a szintbeállítást leellenõrizzék rajtuk.
    • A Factory Sample azt a több tucat leselejtezett bakelit lemezt jelenti, amit a minõségellenõrzések alkalmával hibásnak találtak, majd felajánlottak a dolgozóknak kedvezményesen.
    • A Promo lemezek a friss nyomóformával ellátott gyártósor elsõ pár száz darabját jelölik, ezeknek a hangzása még szinte tökéletes.
    Nézzen körül bakelit lemez áruházunk széles kínálatában, és válassza az Önnek legjobban tetszõ lemezeket!

    Elfelejtetett jelszó

    Ruházat, kiegészítõk
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    AMON AMARTH - Deceiver Of The Gods (2013) (re-release, 2018) (LP)
    AMORPHIS - Silent Waters+1 (2007) (re-release, 2018) (2LP)
    AMORPHIS - Queen Of Time+2 (2018) (2LP)
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    BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Unhallowed (2003) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Unhallowed (2003) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (SILVER/BLACK)
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    BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Everblack (2013) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Everblack (2013) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (VIOLET BLUE/BLACK)
    BLACK STONE CHERRY - Family Tree (2018) (2LP)
    BLOODBOUND - Unholy Cross (2011) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (YELLOW)
    BOMBS OF HADES - Through The Dark Past: A Collection Of Singles And Other Oddities (2018) (2LP)
    BONAMASSA, JOE - British Blues Explosion Live+1 (2018) (3LP)
    BONFIRE - Temple Of Lies+1 (2018) (LP) (BLACK)
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    BULLETBOYS - From Out Of The Skies (2018) (LP)
    BURN THE PRIEST - Legion: XX+1 (2018) (LP)
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    CANNIBAL CORPSE - Bloodthirst (1999) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (PALE LILAC)
    CANNIBAL CORPSE - Gallery Of Suicide (1998) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    CANNIBAL CORPSE - Gallery Of Suicide (1998) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (CLEAR GREY/BROWN))
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    COUNT RAVEN - Storm Warning+2 (1990) (remastered, 2018) (2LP) (CLEAR RUSTY BROWN))
    COUNT RAVEN - Destruction Of The Void+2 (1992) (remastered, 2018) (2LP) (BLACK)
    COUNT RAVEN - Destruction Of The Void+2 (1992) (remastered, 2018) (2LP) (BURNT SIENNA ORANGE)
    CROWN, THE - Cobra Speed Venom (2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    CROWN, THE - Cobra Speed Venom (2018) (LP) (VIOLET BLUE)
    CRUACHAN - Nine Years Of Blood (2018) (LP)
    DEAD CITY RUINS - Never Say Die+3 (2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    DEAD CITY RUINS - Never Say Die+3 (2018) (LP) (PURPLE)
    DEATH ALLEY - Superbia (2018) (2LP)
    DEATHROW - Raging Steel+7 (1987) (remastered, 2018) (2LP)
    DEATHROW - Riders Of Doom+6 (1986) (remastered, 2018) (2LP)
    DEWOLFF - Thrust (2018) (LP)
    DIMMU BORGIR - Eonian (2018) (2LP)
    DODHEIMSGARD - Satanic Art+2 (1998) (re-release, 2018) (LP)
    EARTHLESS - Black Heaven (2018) (LP)
    ENSLAVED - Hordanes Land+1 (1993) (remastered, 2018) (LP)
    FM - Atomic Generation (2018) (LP)
    FOLLOW THE CIPHER - Follow The Cipher (2018) (LP)
    GAZPACHO - Soyuz (2018) (LP)
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    GORGOROTH - Antichrist (1996) (re-release, 2018) (PIC LP)
    GUS G. - Fearless+2 (2018) (LP) (CLEAR GREEN)
    HENDRIX, JIMI - Both Sides Of The Sky (2018) (LP)
    IHSAHN - Ámr (2018) (2LP)
    IMMORTAL - Northern Chaos Gods (2018) (7"EP)
    IN FLAMES - Down, Wicked & No Good (2018) (10"MLP) (CLEAR)
    JUDAS PRIEST - Firepower (2018) (2LP) (BLACK)
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    KAMELOT - The Shadow Theory (2018) (2LP)
    KATAKLYSM - Meditations (2018) (LP)
    KINO - Radio Voltaire (2018) (2LP+CD)
    L.A. GUNS - Made In Milan (2018) (2LP)
    LIGHT THE TORCH - Revival (2018) (LP)
    LIZZY BORDEN - Love You To Pieces (1985) (remastered, 2018) (LP)
    LIZZY BORDEN - Love You To Pieces (1985) (remastered, 2018) (LP) (GOLDEN BROWN)
    LIZZY BORDEN - Menace To Society (1986) (remastered, 2018) (LP)
    LIZZY BORDEN - Menace To Society (1986) (remastered, 2018) (LP) (CLEAR SKY-BLUE)
    LOPEZ, LANCE - Tell The Truth (2018) (LP)
    LUCIFER - California Sun / Evening Wind (2018) (7"EP)
    LUNATIC SOUL - Under The Fragmented Sky (2018) (LP)
    LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Collected (2018) (2LP) (BLUE/RED)
    MAYHEM - Live In Jessheim (2018) (LP)
    MEMORIAM - The Silent Vigil (2018) (LP)
    METALITE - Heroes In Time (2018) (LP)
    MILLENNIAL REIGN - The Great Divine (2018) (LP)
    MINISTRY - AmeriKKKant (2018) (LP)
    MONSTER MAGNET - Mindfucker+2 (2018) (2LP)
    MORATTI, ROB - Victory+1 (2011) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (GOLD)
    MORSE, NEAL - Life And Times (2018) (LP) (BLACK)
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    RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW - Memories In Rock II (2018) (3LP) (BLACK)
    ROSS THE BOSS - By Blood Sworn (2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    ROSS THE BOSS - By Blood Sworn (2018) (LP) (RED)
    ROTTING CHRIST - Abyssic Black Metal (2018) (2LP)
    SANCTUARY - Into The Mirror Black (1990) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLUE)
    SANCTUARY - Refuge Denied (1987) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (RED)
    SARCOFAGO - Rotting (1989) (remasterd, 2018) (LP)
    SARCOFAGO - The Laws Of Scourge (1991) (remastered, 2018) (LP)
    SCHENKER, MICHAEL FEST - Resurrection (2018) (2LP) (BLACK)
    SCHENKER, MICHAEL FEST - Resurrection (2018) (2LP) (CLEAR)
    SKELETAL REMAINS - Devouring Mortality (2018) (LP+CD)
    SPOCK'S BEARD - Noise Floor (2018) (2LP+2CD)
    SUBSIGNAL - La Muerta+3 (2018) (2LP)
    TANKARD - Thrist (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (CLEAR BLUE)
    TANKARD - Thrist (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (CLEAR RED)
    TAX THE HEAT - Change Your Position (2018) (LP)
    TERROR - The Damned, The Shamed (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP)
    TESSERACT - Sonder (2018) (LP)
    THERION - Of Darkness... (1991) (re-release, 2018) (LP)
    TIAMAT - A Deeper Kind Of Slumber (1997) (re-release, 2018) (2LP)
    TORMENTOR - Recipe Ferrum! (2000) (re-release, 2018) (2LP)
    VACCINES, THE - Combat Sports (2018) (LP)
    VHALDEMAR - Against All Kings (2018) (LP)
    VOIVOD - War And Pain+1 (1984) (remastered, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    VOIVOD - War And Pain+1 (1984) (remastered, 2018) (LP) (RED/BLACK)
    W.E.T. - Earthrage (2018) (LP)
    WARBRINGER - War Without End (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP+CD)
    WHITECHAPEL - This Is Exile (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    WHITECHAPEL - This Is Exile (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (GOLDEN)
    WILLIAMS, ROZZ & GITANE DEMONE - In The Heart (2018) (LP)
    WILLIAMS, ROZZ & GITANE DEMONE - On The Altar (2018) (LP)
    WIND ROSE - Stonehymn (2018) (LP)