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    - 2017-03-27
    Üdvözöljük honlapunkon!
    CD-t, DVD-t, eredeti import pólót, pulóvert a legjobb áron vásároljon direkt nálunk, a Magyarországi forgalmazónál!
    Ritkaságok, speciális akciók, csak az albamusic.hu oldalon!
    Regisztráljon és kérje aktuális listáinkat, hírleveleinket a gabor@albamusic.hu e-mail címen!

    Legújabb termékek
    ANNIHILATOR - Alice In Hell (1989) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK/BLUE)
    Thrash metal, 2018.
    1989-es album limitált (2000db) 180g audiophile black/blue LP kiadása + insert!

    Felvételek: 1. Crystal Ann, 2. Alison Hell, 3. W.T.Y.D., 4. Wicked Mystic, 5. Burns Like A Buzzsaw Blade, 6. Word Salad, 7. Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts I & II, 8. Ligeia, 9. Human Insecticide.
    HEIMSGARD - Following The Starlight (DIGI CD) (2018)
    Folk/Pagan Metal, Viking Metal, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.
    Kiemelten ajánlott minden: Falkenbach, Ensiferum és Wintersun rajongónak.

    Workmanlike folk instruments and orchestrations. 62 minutes of impressive epic and melodic metal. It is only in 2015 that the name HEIMSGARD came up to decorate the label of his first vintage "Ördrag", an folk, melodic and epic metal.

    In 2018, the upshot of a set of journeys will inspire a second opus called "Following The Starlight" that hatched from the residual growing roots of his realm.

    YouTube video :
    FOLLOWING THE STARLIGHT (offiocial audio):

    Felvételek :
    1. Intro 1:51
    2. The Price To Asgard 5:10
    3. I Was Born Under A Wandering Star 5:40
    4. The Seven Seas Odyssey 5:47
    5. Perpertual Moonlight 4:49
    6. Still Sailing 6:47
    7. Nocturnal Alleviation 4:21
    8. In The Name Of The King 4:44
    9. The Horseman Inn 4:30
    10. Whisper For The Sky 2:24
    11. The Glowing Guide 5:23
    12. Following The Starlight 5:49
    13. Aurora 4:17
    (Barcode: 0660902447107)
    SANCTUARY - Refuge Denied (1987) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (RED)
    Heavy/power metal, 2018.
    1987-es album limitált (666db) 180g audiophile red LP kiadása!

    Felvételek: 1. Battle Angels, 2. Termination Force, 3. Die For My Sins, 4. Soldiers Of Steel, 5. Sanctuary, 6. White Rabbit, 7. Ascension To Destiny, 8. The Third War, 9. Veil Of Disguise.
    SANCTUARY - Into The Mirror Black (1990) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLUE)
    Heavy/power metal, 2018.
    1990-es album limitált (666db) 180g audiophile blue LP kiadása!

    Felvételek: 1. Future Tense, 2. Taste Revenge, 3. Long Since Dark, 4. Epitaph, 5. Eden Lies Obscured, 6. The Mirror Black, 7. Seasons Of Destruction, 8. One More Murder, 9. Communion.
    KENOS - Pest (2018)
    Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, CD kiadvány, az olasz banda negyedik stúdió lemeze, 2018.

    KENOS project started in 1996 as "Underwise". In 2001 changes the band's name in KENOS. KENOS, one of Italy's most intransigent Death Metal bands, is back with a new devastating release. "Pest" is a concentrate of violent Death Metal, a real blow in the face, for sure the most furious, fast and aggressive piece of music the band has conceived.

    The band toured in their career with Testament, Entombed, Dark Funeral, Dismember, Rotting Christ. Their classic Technical Death Metal is enriched by strong "American" riffing and enshrouded by a heavy drumming. The final effect is an album more devastating than ever and for sure a delirant concentrate of pure Extreme music. Definitely it is Death Metal as it was supposed to be... so violent, heavy and technical.

    YouTube video :
    SONS OF MARTYRDOM (official video):
    MY WOODEN FRAME (official audio):

    Felvételek :
    1. Sons Of Martyrdom
    2. B.D.C. (Black Death Curse)
    3. Buried And Forgotten
    4. Immortal Breath
    5. Leave Me Now
    6. My Wooden Frame
    7. Shooting At The Moon
    8. The Sweeper Of Remains
    (Barcode: 8018024181300)
    DRAKKAR - Cold Winter's Night (4 tracks MLP) (2018)
    Epic Power Metal, Limited edition 4 számos bakelit lemez MLP kiadvány, 2018.
    Kiemelten ajánlott minden: Blind Guardian, Dio, Helloween és Running Wild rajongónak!

    A Drakkar együttes az olasz Power Metal szín egyik legjelentősebb és legfontosabb szereplője, a Rhapsody Of Fire és a Labyrinth együttesekkel közösen alkotnak egy igen erős csoportot!

    1995-ben alakultak, a DRAKKAR 1996 és 2002 között két demo anyagot, a "Quest For Glory" című bemutatkozó albumot 1998-ban, a "Gemini"-t 2000-ben és a "Razorblade God" című kiadványokat jelentette meg. A következő erőfeszítés 2007-ben a 4 számos EP, a "Classified" jelent meg. De az igazi visszatérés 2012-ben volt, amikor a DRAKKAR megjelentette negyedik teljes hosszúságú stúdió albumát, "When Lightning Strikes" a My Kingdom Music kiadónál.

    A nagy közönség siker és kiváló média fogadtatás után kezdett el dolgozni a DRAKKAR a "When Lightning Strikes"-t követő lemezen. Kemény munka volt, de végül megalkották eddigi leginkább epikus és legdirektebb munkájukat, amit "Run With The Wolf" néven emlegetnek.

    Most itt ez az új, nagyszerű kiadvány, mely "Cold Winter's Night" címmel egy 4 számos MCD-formában testesült meg, amely három teljesen új dalt és a Born To Fly fesztiválon játszott klasszikus daluk élő változatát tartalmazza. A sárkányhajó újra vitorlázik!

    YouTube video :
    COLD WINTER'S NIGHT (official video):

    Felvételek :
    SIDE A :
    1. Cold Winter's Night
    2. Black Sails
    SIDE B :
    3. Leviathan Rising
    4. Rainbow In The Dark (DIO's cover)
    (Barcode: 8018024181298)
    MAD HATTER - Mad Hatter (2018)
    Power Metal, CD kiadvány, 2018-as bemutatkozó album.
    Kiemelten ajánlott minden: Helloween, Gamma Ray és Stratovarius rajongónak.

    Awesome Classic Power Metal genre with great results in Europe and Asia. Mad Hatter is a Power Metal act from Sweden and was founded by Petter Hjerpe and Alfred Fridhagen (Morning Dwell members) in 2017. The band produces high quality Power Metal combined with Heavy Metal influences.

    After recording the whole debut album self-titled "Mad Hatter", both Petter and Alfred needed live musicians to take their project to the stage so Eroc Rauti and Magnus Skooh joined the band to form a complete tandem. Now Mad Hatter Is ready to take the world with some energetic and powerful Metal!

    Felvételek :
    1. Mad Hatter Shine
    2. The Gunslinger
    3. Dancing Light
    4. Fly Away
    5. Go
    6. Phantom Riders
    7. Face The Truth
    8. Vengeance In His Mind
    9. Bring Me The Moon
    10. Mad Hatter Become
    Bonus track :
    11. Death Angel Sings
    (Barcode: 8429006154661)
    HELLAVISTA - Robolution (2018)
    Thrash Metal, Death Metal, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.
    Kiemelten ajánlott minden: Destruction, Testament, Kreator... rajongónak!

    Band with important fan base in central Europe. Thrash Metal band big support of the genere. Appeared straight from the earth's core - sent by the devil himself as his orchestra - to set the world on fire. Hellavista Asocial Club are an Austrian Groove Thrash Metal combo which defines their music as an explosive mixture of experienced musicians.

    Three former Austrian metal bands combined their skills and they created their very own sound of Groove Thrash Metal that consists in a fusion of tight drumming, straight forward bass, neckbreaking guitar riffs and old school solos in addition to the powerful voice of "Dirty Harry".

    After sharing stages around the globe in their former bands with well known acts such as Meshuggah, Napalm Death, The Haunted, Grave... and performing at big festivals like Kaltenbach Open Air, Donauinselfest Vienna or Praterfest Vienna, Hellavista Asocial Club are ready to release their brand new album worldwide through Art Gates Records.

    YouTube video :
    ROBOLUTION (official video):

    Felvételek :
    1. Robolution
    2. Hellevator
    3. Breed of Evil
    4. Dark Redeemer
    5. Attack of the Demons
    6. Screwdriving Away
    7. The Son of Satan
    8. Rest in Pain
    (Barcode: 8429006173297)
    MORSE - Pathetic Mankind (2018)
    Noise, Hardcore, Noisecore, Punk, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.
    Kiemelten ajánlott minden: Cult Leader, Gaza, Converge, Trap Them, Baptists... stb rajongónak.

    Morse from Montpellier (FR) offers us a second album of 11 rough tracks of bestial and sanguinary music. Recorded in August 2017 by Amaury Sauvé (Plebeian Grandstand, Birds In Row) and mastered by Serge Morattel (Knut, Year Of No Light) in September 2017, this second full lenght opens the band to a powerful, energic music full of variations: from a massive and telluric sludge metal to a unbridled and imaginative noise hardcore, exploring moods of ambiant guitars...

    YouTube video :
    CHOKED (official audio):

    Felvételek :
    1. Corrupted Senses (01:57)
    2. Lies and Greed (01:31)
    3. Feeding The Ignorance (01:37)
    4. Unstoppable Fire (03:10)
    5. Filthy ... (01:52)
    6. Black Sun (01:44)
    7. Pathetic Mankind (03:02)
    8. ... Bliss (02:05)
    9. The Praise Of The Empty (03:03)
    10. Choked (02:49)
    11. Sapped By Illness (03:12)
    (Barcode: 3770005948658)
    A PORTRAIT OF FLESH AND BLOOD - Gallery of Sorrow (2018)
    Black Metal, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.

    Debut album from international (USA, AUSTRIA and JAPAN) symphonic DSBM project A Portrait of Flesh and Blood. Featuring six tracks of melancholic melody, this album is sure to please fans of both modern DSBM and 1990's style black metal.

    YouTube video :
    V: SORROW (audio):

    Felvételek :
    01. I: Alone
    02. II: Anxiety
    03. III: Hopeless
    04. IV: Lost
    05. V: Sorrow
    06. VI: Hollow
    (Barcode: 4580470880532)

    Tudnivalók a bakelit típusairól

    Minden valamire való zenerajongó tudja, hogy a bakelit egy külön típusát képezi a zenehordozóknak. Bakeliten zenét hallgatni ma már egyszerre jelent nosztalgiát, megszállottságot és a kifinomult ízlést, ám kevesen tudnak részletes információkat a bakelit lemezekrõl.
    • A First Pressing egy album elsõ kiadását jelenti, ami a többi késõbbi kiadáshoz képest különbözõ extrákkal van felturbózva, például füzetek, képeslapok, borítók formájában.
    • A DMM, vagyis Direct Metal Mastering a hagyományostól eltérõ technikával készült lemez, aminek ezáltal jobb lesz a hangzása és lejátszás közben is kevésbé zajosan szól.
    • A Test Pressing a próbanyomatokat jelenti, ezekbõl csupán 5-10 darab készül és nem is kerülnek hivatalosan forgalomba, mert csak arra szolgálnak, hogy a vágást, keverést és a szintbeállítást leellenõrizzék rajtuk.
    • A Factory Sample azt a több tucat leselejtezett bakelit lemezt jelenti, amit a minõségellenõrzések alkalmával hibásnak találtak, majd felajánlottak a dolgozóknak kedvezményesen.
    • A Promo lemezek a friss nyomóformával ellátott gyártósor elsõ pár száz darabját jelölik, ezeknek a hangzása még szinte tökéletes.
    Nézzen körül bakelit lemez áruházunk széles kínálatában, és válassza az Önnek legjobban tetszõ lemezeket!

    Elfelejtetett jelszó

    Ruházat, kiegészítõk
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    77 - Bright Gloom (2018) (LP+CD)
    A PERFECT CIRCLE - Eat The Elephant (2018) (2LP)
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    AMON AMARTH - Jomsviking (2016) (re-release, 2018) (LP)
    AMON AMARTH - Deceiver Of The Gods (2013) (re-release, 2018) (LP)
    AMORPHIS - Silent Waters+1 (2007) (re-release, 2018) (2LP)
    AMORPHIS - Queen Of Time+2 (2018) (2LP)
    ANGELUS APATRIDA - Cabaret De La Guillotine (2018) (LP+CD)
    ANNIHILATOR - Alice In Hell (1989) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK/BLUE)
    ARCH ENEMY - 1996 - 2017 (2018) (12LP) (BOX)
    ARCTIC MONKEYS - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (2018) (LP)
    AT THE GATES - To Drink From The Night Itself (2018) (LP)
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    BANKS, TONY - Five (2018) (2LP)
    BARREN EARTH - A Complex Of Cages (2018) (2LP+CD)
    BEHEMOTH - Messe Noire (2018) (2LP)
    BEHEMOTH - The Apostasy (2007) (re-release, 2018) (LP)
    BENEDICTION - Transcend The Rubicon: 25th Anniversary Edition (2018) (2LP)
    BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME - Automata I (2018) (LP)
    BJORNSON, IVAR & EINAR SELVIK - Hugsja (2018) (2LP) (BLACK)
    BJORNSON, IVAR & EINAR SELVIK - Hugsja (2018) (2LP) (WHITE)
    BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Unhallowed (2003) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Unhallowed (2003) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (SILVER/BLACK)
    BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Ritual (2011) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Ritual (2011) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (SWAMP GREEN)
    BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Everblack (2013) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Everblack (2013) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (VIOLET BLUE/BLACK)
    BLACK STONE CHERRY - Family Tree (2018) (2LP)
    BLOODBOUND - Unholy Cross (2011) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (YELLOW)
    BOMBS OF HADES - Through The Dark Past: A Collection Of Singles And Other Oddities (2018) (2LP)
    BONAMASSA, JOE - British Blues Explosion Live+1 (2018) (3LP)
    BONFIRE - Temple Of Lies+1 (2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    BONFIRE - Temple Of Lies+1 (2018) (LP) (RED)
    BONFIRE - Temple Of Lies+1 (2018) (LP) (YELLOW)
    BULLET - Dust To Gold (2018) (2LP+CD)
    BULLETBOYS - From Out Of The Skies (2018) (LP)
    BURN THE PRIEST - Legion: XX+1 (2018) (LP)
    CALIBAN - Elements (2018) (LP+CD)
    CANNIBAL CORPSE - Bloodthirst (1999) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    CANNIBAL CORPSE - Bloodthirst (1999) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (PALE LILAC)
    CANNIBAL CORPSE - Gallery Of Suicide (1998) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    CANNIBAL CORPSE - Gallery Of Suicide (1998) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (CLEAR GREY/BROWN))
    CHRISTIAN, JAMES - Craving (2018) (LP)
    CIRCLE OF SILENCE - The Crimson Throne (2018) (LP)
    CORONER - R.I.P. (1987) (remastered, 2018) (LP)
    CORONER - Punishment For Decadence (1988) (remastered, 2018) (LP)
    CORONER - No More Color (1989) (remastered, 2018) (LP)
    COUNT RAVEN - Storm Warning+2 (1990) (remastered, 2018) (2LP) (BLACK)
    COUNT RAVEN - Storm Warning+2 (1990) (remastered, 2018) (2LP) (CLEAR RUSTY BROWN))
    COUNT RAVEN - Destruction Of The Void+2 (1992) (remastered, 2018) (2LP) (BLACK)
    COUNT RAVEN - Destruction Of The Void+2 (1992) (remastered, 2018) (2LP) (BURNT SIENNA ORANGE)
    CROWN, THE - Cobra Speed Venom (2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    CROWN, THE - Cobra Speed Venom (2018) (LP) (VIOLET BLUE)
    CRUACHAN - Nine Years Of Blood (2018) (LP)
    DEAD CITY RUINS - Never Say Die+3 (2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    DEAD CITY RUINS - Never Say Die+3 (2018) (LP) (PURPLE)
    DEATH ALLEY - Superbia (2018) (2LP)
    DEATHROW - Raging Steel+7 (1987) (remastered, 2018) (2LP)
    DEATHROW - Riders Of Doom+6 (1986) (remastered, 2018) (2LP)
    DEWOLFF - Thrust (2018) (LP)
    DIMMU BORGIR - Eonian (2018) (2LP)
    DODHEIMSGARD - Satanic Art+2 (1998) (re-release, 2018) (LP)
    EARTHLESS - Black Heaven (2018) (LP)
    ENSLAVED - Hordanes Land+1 (1993) (remastered, 2018) (LP)
    FM - Atomic Generation (2018) (LP)
    FOLLOW THE CIPHER - Follow The Cipher (2018) (LP)
    GAZPACHO - Soyuz (2018) (LP)
    GODTHRYMM - A Grand Reclamation (2018) (MLP)
    GORGOROTH - Antichrist (1996) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    GORGOROTH - Antichrist (1996) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (WHITE)
    GORGOROTH - Antichrist (1996) (re-release, 2018) (PIC LP)
    GUS G. - Fearless+2 (2018) (LP) (CLEAR GREEN)
    HENDRIX, JIMI - Both Sides Of The Sky (2018) (LP)
    IHSAHN - Ámr (2018) (2LP)
    IMMORTAL - Northern Chaos Gods (2018) (7"EP)
    IN FLAMES - Down, Wicked & No Good (2018) (10"MLP) (CLEAR)
    JUDAS PRIEST - Firepower (2018) (2LP) (BLACK)
    JUDAS PRIEST - Firepower (2018) (2LP) (RED)
    KAMELOT - The Shadow Theory (2018) (2LP)
    KATAKLYSM - Meditations (2018) (LP)
    KINO - Radio Voltaire (2018) (2LP+CD)
    L.A. GUNS - Made In Milan (2018) (2LP)
    LIGHT THE TORCH - Revival (2018) (LP)
    LIZZY BORDEN - Love You To Pieces (1985) (remastered, 2018) (LP)
    LIZZY BORDEN - Love You To Pieces (1985) (remastered, 2018) (LP) (GOLDEN BROWN)
    LIZZY BORDEN - Menace To Society (1986) (remastered, 2018) (LP)
    LIZZY BORDEN - Menace To Society (1986) (remastered, 2018) (LP) (CLEAR SKY-BLUE)
    LOPEZ, LANCE - Tell The Truth (2018) (LP)
    LUCIFER - California Sun / Evening Wind (2018) (7"EP)
    LUNATIC SOUL - Under The Fragmented Sky (2018) (LP)
    LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Collected (2018) (2LP) (BLUE/RED)
    MAYHEM - Live In Jessheim (2018) (LP)
    MEMORIAM - The Silent Vigil (2018) (LP)
    METALITE - Heroes In Time (2018) (LP)
    MILLENNIAL REIGN - The Great Divine (2018) (LP)
    MINISTRY - AmeriKKKant (2018) (LP)
    MONSTER MAGNET - Mindfucker+2 (2018) (2LP)
    MORATTI, ROB - Victory+1 (2011) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (GOLD)
    MORSE, NEAL - Life And Times (2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    MORSE, NEAL - Life And Times (2018) (LP) (LIGHT GREY)
    MUSTASCH - Silent Killer (2018) (LP)
    MY INDIGO - My Indigo (2018) (LP)
    NAPALM DEATH - Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs (2018) (2LP)
    NERVOSA - Downfall Of Mankind (2018) (LP)
    NEVERMORE - Enemies Of Reality (2005) (re-release, 2018) (LP+CD)
    NIGHT IN GALES - The Last Sunsets (2018) (LP)
    NO HOT ASHES - No Hot Ashes (2018) (LP)
    OCEANS OF SLUMBER - The Banished Heart (2018) (2LP+CD)
    ORGANECTOMY - Domain Of The Wretched (2018) (LP)
    OVERKILL - Live In Overhausen Volume One: Horrorscope (2018) (2LP)
    OVERKILL - Live In Overhausen Volume Two: Feel The Fire (2018) (2LP)
    PARADISE LOST - Host (1999) (remastered, 2018) (2LP)
    PINEAPPLE THIEF - Abducted At Birth (1999) (re-release, 2018) (2LP)
    PORCUPINE TREE - Deadwing (2005) (remastered, 2018) 2LP)
    PORCUPINE TREE - In Absentia (2002) (remastered, 2018) (2LP)
    PRIMORDIAL - Exile Amongst The Ruins (2018) (2LP)
    RIOT - Nightbreaker (1993) (remastered, 2018) (2LP)
    RIOT - The Brethren Of The Long House (1995) (remastered, 2018) (2LP)
    RIOT V - Armor Of Light (2018) (2LP)
    RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW - Memories In Rock II (2018) (3LP) (RED)
    RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW - Memories In Rock II (2018) (3LP) (GREEN)
    RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW - Memories In Rock II (2018) (3LP) (BLACK)
    ROSS THE BOSS - By Blood Sworn (2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    ROSS THE BOSS - By Blood Sworn (2018) (LP) (RED)
    ROTTING CHRIST - Abyssic Black Metal (2018) (2LP)
    SANCTUARY - Into The Mirror Black (1990) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLUE)
    SANCTUARY - Refuge Denied (1987) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (RED)
    SARCOFAGO - Rotting (1989) (remasterd, 2018) (LP)
    SARCOFAGO - The Laws Of Scourge (1991) (remastered, 2018) (LP)
    SCHENKER, MICHAEL FEST - Resurrection (2018) (2LP) (BLACK)
    SCHENKER, MICHAEL FEST - Resurrection (2018) (2LP) (CLEAR)
    SKELETAL REMAINS - Devouring Mortality (2018) (LP+CD)
    SPOCK'S BEARD - Noise Floor (2018) (2LP+2CD)
    SUBSIGNAL - La Muerta+3 (2018) (2LP)
    TANKARD - Thrist (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (CLEAR BLUE)
    TANKARD - Thrist (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (CLEAR RED)
    TAX THE HEAT - Change Your Position (2018) (LP)
    TERROR - The Damned, The Shamed (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP)
    TESSERACT - Sonder (2018) (LP)
    THERION - Of Darkness... (1991) (re-release, 2018) (LP)
    TIAMAT - A Deeper Kind Of Slumber (1997) (re-release, 2018) (2LP)
    TORMENTOR - Recipe Ferrum! (2000) (re-release, 2018) (2LP)
    VACCINES, THE - Combat Sports (2018) (LP)
    VHALDEMAR - Against All Kings (2018) (LP)
    VOIVOD - War And Pain+1 (1984) (remastered, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    VOIVOD - War And Pain+1 (1984) (remastered, 2018) (LP) (RED/BLACK)
    W.E.T. - Earthrage (2018) (LP)
    WARBRINGER - War Without End (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP+CD)
    WHITECHAPEL - This Is Exile (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (BLACK)
    WHITECHAPEL - This Is Exile (2008) (re-release, 2018) (LP) (GOLDEN)
    WILLIAMS, ROZZ & GITANE DEMONE - In The Heart (2018) (LP)
    WILLIAMS, ROZZ & GITANE DEMONE - On The Altar (2018) (LP)
    WIND ROSE - Stonehymn (2018) (LP)