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    Az oldal folyamatos feltöltés alatt! - 2002-03-27
    Üdvözöljük honlapunkon!
    CD-t, DVD-t, eredeti import pólót, pulóvert a legjobb áron vásároljon direkt nálunk, a Magyarországi forgalmazónál!
    Ritkaságok, speciális akciók, csak az albamusic.hu oldalon!
    Regisztráljon és kérje aktuális listáinkat, hírleveleinket a gabor@albamusic.hu e-mail címen!

    Legújabb termékek
    V/A - Prog Around the World (2009)
    Progressive Rock, CD kiadvány, 2009-es válogatás album.

    Magna Carta MAX 9102-2. A sampler featuring in order of appearance: Martone (Canada), Age of Nemesis (Hungary), Liquid Trio Experiment (USA), Derdian (Italy), Ethan Brosh (Israel), Lemur Voice (Netherlands), Ozric Tentacles (UK), Khallice (Brazil), Stripsearh (USA), Hideous Sun Demons (USA), Anthropia (France) and Ola Frenning & Chrisopher Malmström (Sweden). The source albums and the musicians are listed in the leaflet.

    Felvételek :
    1. MARTONE: Moron Fce 4:17
    2. AGE OF NEMESIS: Another Existence 5:24
    3. LIQUID TRIO EXP.: Holes 4:36
    4. DERDIAN: I Do't Wanna Die 5:24
    5. ETHAN BROSH: Ancient Land 5:04
    6. LEMUR VOICE: Intuition 6:46
    7. OZRIC TNTACLES: Armchair Journey 4:54
    8. KHALLICE: Spiritual Jewel 5:52
    9. STRIPSEARCH: El Terrible 2:59
    10. HIDOUS SUN DEMONS: Elevation 3:46
    11. ANTHROPIA: Lion-Snake 5:29
    12. FRENNING & MALMSTRÖM: Hydra 5:29
    (Barcode : 0614286000229)
    UNDER THE SUN - Under The Sun (2000)
    Progressive Rock/Metal, CD kiadvány, 2000-es album.

    This is UNDER THE SUN's debut album. These guys are simply one of the most talented and deserving bands to come out of America in ages. Great songwriting reminicent of a harder-edged Yes, Rush, or Pink Floyd (and songwriting is the hallmark of ANY great band; not how many notes a second they can play! Bands like "Liquid Tension Experiment" could learn a thing or two from UTS!)

    Top-notch musicianship all around; the guitarist (Chris Shryack) is heavy while still being melodious and keeping the song in mind, the lead singing and harmonies are very professional, and the rhythm section is as good as Rush's, the keyboards mostly just play chords, but the sounds he uses are just the best!

    THIS GOLDEN VOYAGE, GARDENS OF AUTUMN, REFLECTIONS, DREAMCATCHER, and THE TIME BEING are the standout songs, only the grungy Nirvana-ish SEEING EYE GOD is a throwaway track. This album is one of the two best albums of 2001 (the other being PENDRAGON's amazing NOT OF THIS WORLD), and definitely in the top 10 albums of the last 10 years.

    A few years back I had the lid blown off my "retro prog" world when a friend introduced me to MAGELLAN, SAGA, THE FLOWER KINGS, and CAIRO. Last year I discovered UNDER THE SUN, and PENDRAGON, so I now know that the current prog scene is vital, alive, and fifty times more legit then I ever gave it credit for! If you love the emotions that only great PROG can provide, do yourself a favor and buy UNDER THE SUN....!

    Felállás : Chris Shryack (lead & harmony vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, sound effects, ebow, chimes, shakers & rattles), Matt Evidon (keyboards, harmony vocals), Kurt Barabas (bass & bass pedals, harmony vocals, tambourine, additional distorto-acoustic guitar), Paul Shkut (drums, percussion)
    With guests :
    John Massey (bagpipes, track 7), Terry Brown (drum loops - track 3), David Townson (drum loops - track 3), Chief Running Bear (Cherokee narration - track 9)

    Felvételek :
    1. This Golden Voyage 7:15
    2. Tracer 5:41
    3. Seeing Eye God 3:38
    4. Gardens of Autumn 5:03
    5. Perfect World 5:22
    6. Reflections 5:45
    7. Breakwater 7:35
    8. The Time Being 9:58
    9. Dream Catcher 7:56
    10. From Henceforth Now and Forever (PS 124) 9:15
    (Barcode : 0026245904125)
    TEMPEST - Prime Cuts (2008)
    Folk, Celtic, válogatás CD kiadvány, 2008-as album.

    Felvételek :
    1. Byker Hill 3:10
    2. Captain Morgan 4:40
    3. Cabar Feidh 3:11
    4. One For The Fiddler 3:30
    5. Wicked Spring 3:50
    6. Green Grow The Rashes 4:37
    7. Lady Howard's Walk 3:42
    8. The Serb (Intro) 1:55
    9. The Serb (Keep On Moving) 4:09
    10. Catalina Island 4:07
    11. Whoever You Are 4:09
    12. Queen Of Argyll 4:18
    13. Dance Of The Sandwiches 4:19
    14. The Barrow Man 4:52
    15. The Karfluki Set 7:02
    16. You Jacobites By Name 4:13
    Bonus tracks :
    17. Catalina Remix 4:34
    18. Locomotive Breath 4:32
    (Barcode : 0614286101421)
    WALSH, STEVE - Glossolalia (2000)
    Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Experimental Rock, CD kiadvány, 2000.

    Glossolalia is the 2000-released solo album from Kansas keyboaridst/vocalist Steve Walsh. It was released on Magna Carta Records and features Trent Gardner, Virgil Donati, and Billy Greer.

    YouTube video :
    GLOSSOLALIA (audio video):

    Felvételek :
    1. Glossolalia 5:20
    2. Serious Wreckage 6:01
    3. Heart Attack 4:18
    4. Kansas 9:00
    5. Nothing 3:08
    6. Haunted Man 5:35
    7. Smackin' The Clowns 10:05
    8. That's What Love's All About 5:05
    9. Mascara Tears 7:05
    10. Rebecca 5:15
    (Barcode : 0026245904323)
    SHADOW GALLERY - Tyranny (1998)
    Prog Rock, Heavy Prog Metal, 1998-as album. Limited edition CD kiadvány.

    Felállás : Gary Wehrkamp (orchestral arrangements, segues), Carl Cadden-James (vocals, bass, flute)), Joe Nevolo (drums), Gary Wehrkamp (guitar, piano, synthesizer, vocals), Brendt Allman (guitar, vocals), Mike Baker (lead vocals)

    YouTube video :
    CHASED (audio):
    NEW WORLD ORDER (audio):

    Felvételek :
    ACT I. :
    1. Stiletto In The Sand (Jihad) 1:57
    2. War For Sale 5:35
    3. Out Of Nowhere 4:20
    4. Mystery 5:42
    5. Hope For Us? 6:00
    6. Victims 5:13
    7. Broken 1:54
    ACT II. :
    8. I Believe (vocals: James LaBrie 8:41
    9. Roads Of Thunder (voice: spoken parts - Gary Sloyer, Larry Burke) 6:06
    10. Spoken Words (violin - Paul ChouVocals & Laura Jaeger) 4:38
    11. New World Order (violin - Paul ChouVocals - D.C. Cooper) 8:11
    12. Chased 4:36
    13. Ghost Of A Chance 5:19
    14. Christmas Day 5:40
    (Barcode : 0026245901629)
    BANANA MAYOR - Primary Colours Part I: The Red (2017)
    Stoner Rock, Post Rock, Grunge, CD kiadvány, 2017-es album.
    Megjelenés: március 3.

    Born in 2006, Banana Mayor is a post-stoner-rock band from Italy. In 2015 Banana Mayor wrote and recorded their last record "Primary Colours Part I: The Red" out on vinyl first in November 2016 via Karma Conspiracy Records.

    YouTube video :
    CANDLELIGHT MARCH (official music video):

    Felvételek :
    1. Equator 03:58
    2. Mistakes And Words 05:30
    3. Another Way 07:03
    4. Candlelight March 04:58
    5. Sublime 09:05
    (Barcode : 0608912915131)
    LOCUST LEAVES - A Subtler Kind Of Light (2017)
    Progressive Metal, Black/Death/Thrash Metal, Limited edition CD kiadvány, mellékletként 24 oldalas könyvecske, 2017-es album.
    Megjelenés: március 17.

    "A Subtler Kind Of Light", the band's first full-length album to be released professionally, is just the pinnacle of an underground trajectory spent far from the spotlights, cultivating an ecumenical vision of metal that along the years has spawned many quality recordings. Each of them has contributed to cement the nature of a progressive and highly creative project, an entity more interested in exploring new ways of expression than passively adhering to genre conventions or bog-standard styles.

    Nick K. (vocals) and Helm (music, instruments)
    Additional personnel :
    Vorskaath (Dimitrios Dorian - drums)
    Ayloss (lead guitars)
    Gemeinschaft Triste (ambience)

    Felvételek :
    1. Light / Fos 8:22
    2. Pillar / Vraxos 11:01
    3. Fall / Ptosi 9:55
    4. Flight / Ptisi 06:13
    (Barcode : 5902693140597)
    FELL RUIN - To The Concrete Drifts (2017)
    Black Metal, Doom/Sludge Metal, Dark Doom, Limited edition CD kiadvány, mellékletként 16 oldalas könyvecskével, 2017.
    Megjelenés: március 17.

    Hailing from Michigan, USA, FELL RUIN debuted in 2015 with "Devices", a promising EP through which they started refining a personal metal formula that was described as "a potent combination of black metal, progressive metal, and heavy, grinding doom - ominous, perilous, and mesmerizing".

    "To The Concrete Drifts", FELL RUIN's sophomore release and first full-length album, is an ever evolving metal soundscape of dark, surreal narratives that sets the bar even higher thanks to gigantic structures, acoustic interludes, unexpected bursts of death metal, guitars like broken glasses cutting flesh and bone, and an omnipresent black-doom aura wrapping everything up and almost crossing the borders with sludge metal.

    FELL RUIN's songs liquefy under scorching black metal riffs, in an unrestrained progression into the fray. Crawling towards insurmountable peaks of vehemence, they congeal around melancholic, compassionate melodies, suggesting a definitive abandon to the billows of living.

    With "To The Concrete Drifts", FELL RUIN have spawned a cathartic construct, an epic, existential lore centered by avant-garde architects creating their grand design and succumbing to the trials, tribulations and adversities faced in the pursuit of transcendence.

    FELL RUIN is :
    August Krueger (drums)
    Jeff McMullen (bass)
    Robert Radtke (guitars)
    Brian Sheehan (vocals)

    Felvételek :
    1. Respire (01:25)
    2. The Lucid Shell (09:50)
    3. Spy Fiction Folds In Ready Streets (08:03)
    4. To Wither The Golden Rose In Bloom (07:42)
    5. And Choke On Nocturnal Breath (10:05)
    (Barcode : 5902693140580)
    CELESTIAL BODIES - Spit Forth From Chaos (Limited edition CD) (2017)
    Cosmic Black Noise, Avantgarde Black, Limited edition CD kiadvány, 2017-es album.

    A cosmic war between monstrous deities from an ancient, mythological past - it doesn't come as a surprise that Celestial Bodies' debut, "Spit Forth From Chaos" is one of the most intense, hallucinating and mind-shattering sonic experiences ever put on record.

    A duo based in The Netherlands and comprised of members from NIHILL and Dead Neanderthals, CELESTIAL BODIES are exactly the fruit of their unholy union. From Nihill they inherited the pitch-black and noise-drenched sound, as well as a conceptual approach with deep roots in gnosticism and occultism, while from Dead Neanderthals they borrowed the avant-garde sensibility and a free-jazz nature built on improvisation.

    YouTube video :
    THE FINAL COVENANT (music video):

    Felvételek :
    1. The Final Covenant (3:33)
    2. The Nazarene Bastard Crowned (1:54)
    3. Burning Trident (4:00)
    4. Destroyer Of Aeons (2:43)
    5. Return To The Endless Void (3:15)
    6. Sign Of The Wolf (3:08)
    7. Chaos Of Infinity (3:45)
    8. Kingdom Of Black Torment (4:03)
    9. No Place To Hide (In His Kingdom) (2:39)
    10. Reflections Of Ain Soaf (3:18)
    11. Towards Perdition (5:44)
    (Barcode : 5902693140535)
    NEAUX - Fell Off The Deep End (Limited edition GREEN LP) (2017)
    Indie/Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Grunge, Hardcore, Punk, Limited edition zöld színű bakelit lemez LP kiadvány verzió, 2017.
    Csak 500 darab az egész világra.

    YouTube video :
    DEEP DIVE (official music video):

    Felvételek :
    Side A :
    A1. Slowstroll 3:11
    A2. Somewhere Up North 2:06
    A3. High Hopes 3:00
    A4. Only Lonely 2:14
    Side B :
    B1. Make Me Stay 2:43
    B2. Beaten Bruised And Over It 1:58
    B3. Deep Dive 3:22
    B4. Sorry I Said It 4:03
    (Barcode : 616892431749)

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    • A First Pressing egy album első kiadását jelenti, ami a többi későbbi kiadáshoz képest különböző extrákkal van felturbózva, például füzetek, képeslapok, borítók formájában.
    • A DMM, vagyis Direct Metal Mastering a hagyományostól eltérő technikával készült lemez, aminek ezáltal jobb lesz a hangzása és lejátszás közben is kevésbé zajosan szól.
    • A Test Pressing a próbanyomatokat jelenti, ezekből csupán 5-10 darab készül és nem is kerülnek hivatalosan forgalomba, mert csak arra szolgálnak, hogy a vágást, keverést és a szintbeállítást leellenőrizzék rajtuk.
    • A Factory Sample azt a több tucat leselejtezett bakelit lemezt jelenti, amit a minőségellenőrzések alkalmával hibásnak találtak, majd felajánlottak a dolgozóknak kedvezményesen.
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    AC/DC - Bonfire (5CD-Box)
    V/A - The Songs You Know By Heart
    ST. JAMES - American Man *
    RAEKWON - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (1995) (Limited edition HQ 2LP) (2016)
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