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    SKULL, THE - The Endless Road Turns Dark (2018)
    Típus: cd
    Dátum: 2018-09-07
    ID: 90096
    Kiadó: TEE PEE
    UID: TPE902052
    3990 FT
    Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock, CD kiadvány, 2018-as album.
    Az együttes soraiban találjuk Eric Wagner énekest, Ron Holzner basszus gitárost, a korábbi metal legenda, Trouble erősségeit.

    THE SKULL creates classic Sabbathian doom with a psych-tinged metal vision. The respected band's sophomore full-length, The Endless Road Turns Dark, benefits greatly from the pedigree and experience of the band's members and pushes authentic, old-school metal to heavier and more foreboding places, fueled by burly riffing, metallic groove and a crushing punch. Ethereal and wonderfully moody with a heart of heavy metal beating at its center, the record delivers definitive doom metal full of powerful builds and mesmerizing dynamic range.

    More than a mere throwback, The Endless Road Turns Dark is the work of a band that respects their fans, understands their own history, and still has their ears open to the current doom metal landscape. A wicked exercise in heavy metal majesty, The Endless Road Turns Dark plays like a natural extension of the musicians exemplary work during their 20-plus years with Trouble and cements THE SKULL as modern day doom metal royalty.

    YouTube video :
    RAVENSWOOD (official lyric video):

    Felvételek :
    1. The Endless Road Turns Dark
    2. Ravenswood
    3. Breathing Underwater
    4. The Longing
    5. From Myself Depart
    6. As The Sun Draws Near
    7. All That Remains
    8. Thy Will Be Done
    (Barcode: 0707239020525)
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