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    AETERNUS - Heathen (Limited edition LP) (2018)
    Típus: vinyl
    Dátum: 2018-10-12
    ID: 90178
    UID: KAR153LP
    7990 FT
    Dark Metal, Black/Death Metal, Extreme Metal, Limited edition bakelit lemez LP, a veterán norvég banda 2018-as albuma.

    One of the pioneers of the "Dark Metal" genre, AETERNUS was formed in 1993 by guitarist and frontman Ares. A veteran of the prolific Bergen Music Scene, Ares has played with some of the best bands that inhabit the Black and Extreme Metal genres, including icons such as IMMORTAL and GORGOROTH. Aeternus' sound is one that combines features from both Black Metal and Death Metal, interspersed with haunting, melodic interludes, all topped off with skilled musicianship.

    Commenting on what fans can expect from "Heathen", an album which will also mark AETERNUS' 25th Anniversary, the band had this to say: "We feel we've produced seven great songs for "Heathen", all with AETERNUS' trademark sound, which is a mix of complex extreme music along with heavy riffs and of course some great melodic features. We are more than satisfied with the results".

    YouTube video :
    THE SWOED OF RETRIBUTION (audio promo):

    Felvételek :
    1. Hedning
    2. The Sword of Retribution
    3. Conjuring of the Gentiles
    4. The Significance of Iblis
    5. How Opaque the Disguise of the Adversary
    6. Boudica
    7. 'Illa Mayyit
    (Barcode: 7090008318576)
    Elfelejtetett jelszó

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